CDPR 108 – Social Media in Public Relations


Social media, as we know it being the most recent innovation in the field of communications, is an extraordinary communication tool, connecting people from various age groups, fields and schools of thoughts.

Both the existing and upcoming PR professionals find it appropriate for a better public outreach. This further helps in engaging the target audience, while leveraging the marketing and sales for products.

Several corporations as well as the non-profit organizations have realized the worth of social media in better organizing their campaigns and to ensure their affective execution.

Being a student of Social Media in PR, I expect this course to provide me with a relevant thinking process, essential tools, and necessary steps in polishing my skills, to help pave my path in becoming a successful social media strategist.

Our first session on the course was fairly interesting, and opened up the box for several unique ideas, other than the routine perceptions of a lay man, using social media.

I look forward to learning several other prolific ideas on developing Social Media Strategies.


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